Joe Remillard: Inside (and Outside) the Studio

Joe Remillard in his studio.

If you’re familiar with our artists, then you’re probably familiar with the awesome oil paintings of Joe Remillard. You’re probably even familiar with a lot of the locations he paints around Atlanta. You might even be familiar with Joe himself if you’ve taken any painting classes at Kennesaw State University. Well here is a small peak into Joe’s process.

Crinums and Blue on site sketchJoe’s describes his oil paintings as “hybrid plein air.” He begins working on site with a sketch. Once the composition is perfect, Joe creates a small painting of the scene. These initial on-site sessions last no more than three hours due to the changing light conditions. Of his process, Joe says, “The initial studies are done in en plein air. I will then return to my studio, work up a larger painting, and then return to the site to paint on the larger one.” While in studio Joe will work from his smaller on-site paintings and photos. Once the large painting has a solid foundation, Joe returns to the site to apply finishing touches and check colors. All of this work takes a minimum of 40 hours.

Check out some more images of Joe working below, make sure you say hello if you see him on the street, and come by the Mason Fine Art “Pop-Up” Gallery to see these paintings in person.

Crinums and Blue on site


Blue House on site


Pink Blossom on site