Introducing Chris Hayman

Cantata #13,  60 x 60 Inches

Cantata #13, 60 x 60 Inches

Chris Hayman was born in New York and developed a passion for art at an early age. She pursued this passion at the University of Maryland where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art History. Hayman then went on and earned an Art Education Degree from the University of Nevada.

It was in college that Hayman learned to channel her artistic talent. Hayman’s energetic abstracts draw inspiration from the natural world, but her paintings are “feel” scapes rather than landscapes. The intricate abstracts Hayman creates are the intersection of surroundings, experience, and feelings converging on a two-dimensional surface.

Of her new works Haymen says, “I am involved with various forms along with a variety of abstract language. I am also using the elements and energy of the landscape in some of the paintings… I am finding significance with the opposition of geometric forms to one another and the additions of fields of color.”

Unknown Country, 60 x 60 Inches

Unknown Country, 60 x 60 Inches