Joe Remillard: Inside (and Outside) the Studio

Joe Remillard: Inside (and Outside) the Studio If you’re familiar with our artists, then you’re probably familiar with the awesome oil paintings of Joe Remillard. You’re probably even familiar with a lot of the locations he paints around Atlanta. You might even be familiar with Joe himself if you’ve taken any painting classes at Kennesaw

Introducing Robert Marchessault

Introducing Robert Marchessault. A lot of things have changed in the switch from Mason Murer to Mason Fine Art, and from 24,000 square feet to around 4,000 at the Mason Fine Art “pop-Up” Gallery (we’re still working hard to create a truly amazing place for art and events at our new location). One of the best

We’re Moving!

Mason Murer Fine Art is moving! You heard right. As of November 1, 2014 Mason Murer Fine Art will cease to exist in it’s current form. However, on Nov 11, 2014 Mason Fine Art and Events will open at a new location at 1386 Mayson Street, a mere mile down the street from our current