Man and Young Man, 2015

Photographer Joshua McFadden

Photographic artist Joshua Rashaad McFadden is a visual storyteller whose work illuminates similarities between the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the demonstrations of the new millennium. His experiences growing up in Rochester, NY opened his eyes to become the advocate for social justice and social issues through his artistic work and community organizing. McFadden’s photography depicts the passion, anger and sadness of recent events in America, while at the same time showing the hope, strength and unity of a nation.
McFadden was recently awarded as one of the Top Emerging Talent in the world by LensCulture, for the After SELMA series. McFadden is one of eight grant award recipients from thousands of photographers from over 120 countries. “After SELMA” has also received first place in the event-social change category for the 2015 International Photography Awards (IPA Awards).
“As a young man living in the American South, Joshua Rashaad McFadden lives in the shadow of the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. As an artist, McFadden’s perspective evokes an authentic process of examining, questioning, and comprehending a world in which he and his generation are the leaders-to-be of their communities. His project “After SELMA” turns a contemporary eye to issues that divided this country fifty years ago, informed by incidents of race relations in recent years. I believe we will learn a great deal about our future and ourselves through his photographs.”
—Mary Virginia Swanson
Advisor to Artists and Arts Organizations
Tucson, AZ, USA